Monday, October 31, 2016

Spider Webs, Sugar Skulls and Instagram...Oh MY!

So the end of October is shaping up to be pretty scary! 

Kindergarten and 1st grade are finishing their Mondrian inspired Spider Webs. And 5th grade have finished their color wheel spider webs. 

 I love how these Mondrian Spider Webs have turned out. And what a great way to review our Primary Colors. 

These Value Scale Color Wheels seemed to take forever...but the results are defiantly worth it!!        So happy I included the Tertiary colors this year.

And the scariest part I joined Instagram...
Check me out @mrsmyersartroom 
for Sugar Skulls that Art Club is making today and tomorrow.

Monday, September 12, 2016

What's happening in art so far...

After a short summer, it's easy to believe that we already have been in school for 4 weeks!
It's been a whirlwind of a start so here is a brief recap of what the older students have been doing... 

5th Grade has started creating Contour Drawings of their shoes. 
Using their fabulous powers of observation!

 This sandal was tough, but she was totally up for the challenge!! #one proud art teacher!!

Then adding a Zentangle pattern sock to add a bit of color and contrast.

4th Grade is creating Linear Landscapes. 
Using lots of lines, organic shapes and patterns. 
My talented 4th graders are making these lovely landscapes.

 Now for a little color!!

Stay tuned for more amazing artwork from more grade levels!!


Out first project for Art Club this year was Sandcastles! 
It goes along with our school theme; "Where Success is a Shore Thing!"
I did the same lesson with both groups (3rd-5th and Kinder-2nd), 
but of course each group brought their own set of skills to the lesson. 
 Day 1: We drew out our sandcastles and traced with a crayon.  
Day 2: We started to watercolor paint. With the younger group they were given a bit of salt to add with their watercolor to create that sand texture effect. 


With the older group they were also given salt but also, a few REAL shells to add to their paintings. The results are so amazing!! 


Thursday, June 9, 2016


Where does the time go!! Summer already? 

Well, I know we all are ready for a little summer time fun and sun. But I don't want anyone to forget all that wonderful art knowledge we learned this year and let their skills get rusty. 
I know this summer, I will be making art just for me. 
I'm taking a break this year from my usual art camp routine. 

BUT if you are still interested in some summer camp options (and I hope you are), check out this website. If you go to the bottom you can filter by week or price. There are options for EVERYONE! 

I recommend Ponte Vedra Cultural Center, where I have worked past summers. Along with art camps @MOCA, they are partnered with my alma mater UNF. And I have been hearing good things about The Art Garage, from students around school.

 Art is an awesome way to spend your summer, all you really need is something to draw on and with and you can create something amazing!
 I hope everyone has a safe and colorful summer!! I'll see you all in the fall.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Skulls on a Rug

4th Grade is ending the year, much like we started. I like to start the year by gauging where my students are with their drawing from observation skills. We usually start by simple drawing exercises, drawing their hands and other little objects I have. Then to see how they have developed I try to incorporate a drawing from observation in our lesson at the end of the year. So with a little inspiration from Georgia O'Keeffe and her skull paintings, the challenge was given. 

This is one of the examples I used on the overhead. 
Students where to look carefully to draw what they saw.
 AND BOY HOWDY!! Did they RISE to occasion!! 

I am always proud of my students and it excites me to see how they grow as artists from year to year. But these really filled my heart and eyes with joy. I seriously was moved to tears of joy in at least two of my fourth grade classes, during the drawing portion of this lesson.

Thank you to Cedar Creek Elementary and your Artsonia page for the inspiration.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

MORE Pirate Portraits

So not only did I do Pirate Portraits with Second Grade, but also with First and KINDERGARTEN. WHAT?! Portraits with Kinders. I have not done it before, usually we start in First. But this year I was feeling feisty, so I gave it a try. 
Our theme was Self Portrait Pirates.

First the First Graders. 

 We ALWAYS do a practice and learn, like artists. Then we use the practice to help on the project so we don't have to draw lines all over the faces. Here you can see the side by side. 

I still can't believe how good these are!! 

They had done a few drawings of people in their classroom lessons, which I think helps. For the first time portrait project, the results aren't too bad.